Grab a plate

Thanks for joining me at my historic first-ever blog post.

I know it looks pretty empty around here but I’m hoping it’ll be filling up pretty soon with reviews, news and tips on eating well and happily.

I’m based in Manchester just now so there’ll be a load of North West content but I’m open to wherever and don’t want non-Mancs to turn off now.

I’ve been a food editor, reviewer and eater so it makes sense that I’m now trying to be a blogger.

In two decades of journalism, I have covered Michelin-starred chefs and dined on yachts on Croatian stews – I’ve compiled lists of the best burgers in Wales and contributed to Phaidon’s Where To Eat Pizza. Basically I eat as much as possible and I like to tell people all about it.

If you’re interested in my career you can check out my professional site here.

But otherwise, I think a quote is pertinent.

Life itself is the proper binge – Julia Child

Let’s binge.

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  1. Nicki says:

    Wahey!!! Welcome to this nutty world. I look forward to reading


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