EVENT: Casa Campo Viejo, The Loft

It’s Sunday lunch, but not as we know it.

If you’re looking into the barren wasteland of the weekend and unsure how to spend it, here’s a tip: whatever you do will be better with wine.

Casa Campo Viejo is a fiesta of Spanish food at Quay Street’s The Loft on Sunday June 24.

The immersive event, created in partnership with Eat With, includes a bespoke five-course dinner paired with Campo Viejo wines, an escorted wine blending session and other ‘surprises’.

Renowned Spanish chef Xabi Bonilla from San Sebastian, with a 20-year cooking heritage, will share a contemporary five-course meal, designed to reflect the heartbeat of modern Spain.

And what a menu…

Campo Viejo Wine Ambassador Maria Huete will be on-hand for everything wine-related, giving diners the opportunity to design and take home their own personalised wine blend. She says,

We in Spain do things quite differently when it comes to food and drink. Eating and drinking are social activities, paired with rich conversation – we don’t grab food and run, we sit, talk, enjoy and break bread together.

Tickets for Sunday lunch are £40 plus booking if you’re livin’ la vida loca this weekend.

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