REVIEW: Ice Shack, Withington

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It’s hot. Damn hot. Real hot.

If you’re heading to an eatery at all this week, chances are  it’ll be to feast on icy cool treats – bring the chill on board and summer gets so much better.

Especially if you’re popping to Ice Shack, the All Vegan Desserts Parlour which Withington proudly homes.

Gang, a word about vegan ice cream: it tastes exactly like dairy ice cream.

In fact, in the hands of M20’s cosy lil’ cafe, it tastes even better.

Raspberry Crumble, Mango and Raspberry, Victoria Sponge, Caramel Cookie, Lemon and Ginger, Oreo, Salted Caramel, Blueberry, and, yes, Vanilla… and they’re always exploring new ones, too.

When I recently popped in I was taken with the gin and elderflower, but then went two-scoop crazy and added a Big Gay Vegan Mojito. It was impressive – most impressive – the elderflower freshness zinging on my tongue and the mojito a just-about-acceptable substitute for the real alcoholic thing.

Owner Az’s brilliant flavours are legendary around these parts, and it’s not just about the ice cream.

OK, it is mostly about the ice cream.

But as soon as you walk into the casual, low-key cafe which opened two years ago last month, you’re smack-dab in the middle of a little haven of fun. It’s got games nights, a running club, curry nights, book clubs… Or you can just sit outside on the bistro chairs and watch the world go by.

The truth is that Ice Shack as much of a community hub as the library it sits near – currently closed for refurbishment, as it happens, so there’s your excuse.

Ice Shack is also doggie friendly, a big plus from the Crum table. Because when it’s this hot, all me and Columbo want is a cool, refreshing ice cream (me) and a nice fresh bowl of water (him).

Ice Shack1C 160-164 Wellington Road, Withington

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