REVIEW: My Thai, John Dalton Street, Manchester

The sun is high in the sky so, somewhat paradoxically, thoughts turn to getting away for the summer. Sadly, financial constraints mean we can’t all jet off to the Far East on a whim, but there are some places in Manchester that bring it all home to us right here.

I’ve never been to Thailand, but I like to think of My Thai as a tiny slice of Bangkok, with all of the bright colours and amazing smells you could ask for. OK, it’s a stretch, but suspend your disbelief and come with me…

The city centre eatery – on John Dalton Street – was joined last year by a Northern Quarter sibling that boasts the same open, casual style you come to expect from the mini-chain which started out across the Pennines.

Pictures of Thai royals adorn the walls, with bright bunting and tiny twinkling lights making every single mealtime a party on its own.

Dining with a friend, it was almost impossible to visit and avoid the garlic and pepper spare ribs with cucumber salad and peanuts. A sample size, it’s a starter to conjure with, and the simply-flavoured meat falling off the bone is just enough to whet the appetite for the main course.

The menu offers most mains for £7.50 if you choose chicken, beef, pork or tofu – with prawns and duck upping the price.

We ordered chicken Bangkok pad thai, with egg, rice noodles, beansprouts, carrots and peanuts, and there was so much flavour.

The noodles were slippery and well-cooked, tempered by the freshness of the veg, crunchy and crisp. I feel like Thai food is something we often produce a version of at home, in our own kitchens, but actually tucking into this felt very different in terms of quality and just a load of flavour.

We also had pad cashew nut, with pineapple, peppers and mushrooms and a load of crunchy cashews throughout.

The crunch of the nuts is the big thing for me, and this added to a soft plate of chicken and some freshly-cooked veg, with that umami oyster sauce bringing depth to everything.

I’m a big fan of My Thai. It’s a street food experience in Manchester, so the sights and sounds of Bangkok are of course not exactly replicated, but it’s a nice getaway in the city. As for the dishes, I am keen to return and try something hotter with chillis, perhaps more authentic to the Thai food in Thailand.

Or perhaps I should just save my pennies and get those Bangkok flights booked…

My Thai, 11 John Dalton Street, Manchester M2 6WH

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