OPENING: Cantor’s Food Store, Chorlton

silver heart bowl filled of red pomegranate seeds
Photo by Jessica Lewis on

South Manchester’s Chorlton is a lovely spot, and often the butt of jokes.

Full of hipsters, tiny dogs and real ale pubs, it’s worth a Saturday afternoon to explore all of its nooks and crannies and definitely doesn’t have plenty of cafes to sit down and have a good feast and a natter.

Oh, wait. It DOES have plenty of  cafes. But here’s another for good measure.

Promising ‘chef-driven, vibrant, seasonal food’, Cantor’s Food Store’s online posts of salt beef, salad boxes and bagels are pretty jaw-dropping and jaw-droppingly pretty.

The venues on offer in the area are all special – Elektrik, Brewski, The Beagle, to name but a few – but the shop-deli-bar looks like it might have something special to recommend it.

Certainly, if you’re in SoMa, there are probably worse places to dine.

I can’t wait to try it out – just need to borrow me a tiny handbag doggo to take for authenticity.

white brown and black shih tzu puppy
Photo by mentatdgt on
Cantor’s Food Store, 72-74 Manchester Road, Chorlton M21 9PQ

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