OPENING: Beatnikz Republic Bar, Northern Quarter

IMG_4986I posted about this glorious doughnut-beer matching in my Manchester Beer Week post recently, so this seems like an excellent follow-up.

The genius minds behind that event last year – Beatnikz Republic – are all set to open a standalone bar in Manchester, which is a source of excitement for beer enthusiasts.

But they need a little help.

The team has launched a Crowdfunder campaign to get the show on the road, and it’s all sounding very exciting.

Opening in a Grade II-listed building on Dale Street in September, the Green Quarter-based brewers are offering rewards for supporters of their 14-keg and four-cask enterprise.

And it’s not just their all-vegan beer, they promise:

“We aim to create an inclusive environment where people can enjoy their favourite drinks. As such, we’ll be curating cider, wine, spirits and cocktail lists with as much passion as we do when choosing our beers.”

They even mention the splendid events they’ll be holding…

Beer & doughnut pairing again, anyone??!!

I’m salivating at the thought. Anyway, the rewards include generous bar tabs, brewery branded merchandise as well as brewery experience days where you can help brew beer that will be served in the bar.

The BR team are doing some exciting things with beer – the light, bright Beach Bum is an American pale ale that just won’t quit, while the dark and rich Russian Riot is a Russian imperial stout with a cherry kick – and it’s worth noting that Manchester’s got plenty of room to offer this still-quite-fledgling company.

So go on. Give a little bit of your love to them.

Beatnikz Republic, Green Quarter and soon to be Northern Quarter

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